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DealFind is a manually edited list of discounted, auctioned and giveaway deals from around the web. We have an enormous email inbox which we search through to find shopping deals in a variety of categories including: Electronics, Gaming, Furniture, Coins, Collectibles, and more.

The lists at DealFind fall under the following cateogories: Auction Deals, Shopping Deals, Giveaways and Coupons. Although we try to keep up with expired listings, there will be some listings which we have missed. If you fiind any expired listings please email suggest@dealfind.info.

The items listed on DealFind are found from various web-based sources including Amazon.com, Shopping.com, Best Buy, Sony.com, Ebay.com, FreeStuff.com, DrCheaps.com, Overstock.com, UBid.com, as well as many others.



Press Releases:

July-2009 DealFind welcomes public to suggest links via contact form - free of charge.

June-2009 DealFind distrubutes first official RSS feed.

Mar-2009 DealFind beta launched. Auction items listed in RSS feed and provided to public.